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21-23 June 2023

New transport and mobility modes

Leaflet no. 1

The aim of the organised cycle of conferences is to exchange experience of scientists and engineers, get inspiration for research and applications, quest for best practical solutions and shape transport policies concerning urbanised and suburban areas.  These aspects have to deal with a constantly growing street congestion, traffic cost increase and its burden on the environment.

During the following conferences we confront best practice with problems seen in Polish cities.

Postal address: Oddział SITK w Poznaniu, ul. Wieniawskiego 5/9, 61-712 Poznań
email: poznan.sitk@gmail.com ,        phone/fax: (4861) 853-73-07,            mobile + 48 602 785 702

Contact for scientific questions and problems: secretary of the Scientific Committee
Jeremi Rychlewski
(email: jeremi.rychlewski@put.poznan.pl         cell phone: +48-693 723273)

Contact for organisational questions and problems, including registration for the conference: head of Organizing Committee
Wojciech Tulibacki
(email: poznan.sitk@gmail.com        cell phone: +48-604-509099)

or head of Poznań division of SITK

Jan Firlik
(email: jan.firlik@gmail.com cell phone: +48-660-682292)


Media patronage

The conference will start at Poznań University of Technology, Jacka Rychlewskiego , 61-131 Poznań
The conference will take place (except for session 1) at Hotel Delicjusz, Poznańska 1, 62-060 Trzebaw


Chairman:Prof. dr hab. Eng. Andrzej Rudnicki– Cracow University of Technology
Office:Prof. dr hab. Eng. Andrzej Szarata– Cracow University of Technology
 Dr Eng. Andrzej Krych– Poznań University of Technology
 Dr Eng. Jeremi Rychlewski– Poznań University of Technology
 Dr Hubert Igliński– WSB University Merito in Poznań
Members:Prof. dr hab. Eng. Piotr Olszewski Prof. dr hab. Eng. Wiesław Starowicz– Warsaw University of Technology – Cracow University of Technology
 Prof. dr hab. Eng. Franciszek Tomaszewski– Poznań University of Technology
 Dr hab. Eng. Kazimierz Jamroz, prof.– Gdańsk University of Technology
 Dr hab. Eng. Grzegorz Karoń, prof.– Silesian University of Technology
 Dr hab. Eng. Jan Kempa, prof.– Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology
 Dr hab. Eng. Maciej Kruszyna, prof.– Wrocław University of Technology
 Dr hab. Eng. Jacek Oskarbski, prof.– Gdańsk University of Technology
 Dr hab. Eng. Renata Żochowska, prof.– Silesian University of Technology
 Dr Eng. Tomasz Dybicz– Warsaw University of Technology
 Dr Eng. Mariusz Kaczmarek– Poznań University of Technology
 Dr Eng. Krystian Pietrzak– Maritime University of Szczecin
 Dr Michał Wolański`– Warsaw School of Economics
 MSc Eng. Jacek Thiem– expert, Poznań  

Registration and fees

  • Cost of the Conference attendance is (including i.e. conference book, meals, technical trip and organising costs):
full attendance, including two night stay in hotel:1 700 zł + VAT
with one night stay:1 480 zł* + VAT
without accommodation:1 450 zł + VAT
*Cost for a double room, more details on the Internet page
  • Registration should be done by accessing the Internet page and following electronic registration steps.  Students, postgraduates and groups of attendants from institutions may apply for discounts to the Organizing Committee.